Bahigh Acuña

Lifestyle Genétics

Bahigh Acuna has played a key role in developing the nascent consumer genetics market helping AncestryDNA become the largest consumer genomics company worldwide, Bahigh is now heading Orig3n’s DNA business to position it as the leading company in lifestyle genetics. Before Ancestry, as the founding member of Spotify in Latin America, he took part in transforming the music industry by successfully introducing music streaming in the region, taking Spotify from zero to market leader. Prior to this, Bahigh held a key role at Monster to innovate the HR industry in emerging markets while rapidly scaling the company internationally. Bahigh is an industrial engineer, speaker and part-time professor from Mexico City who is a permanent resident of the United States, recognized by the USCIS as an individual with extraordinary ability and achievement. His work has been covered by The Wall Street Journal, Billboard, NBC, PR Week and other major international publications.