Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo

Virtual and aumentad reality

Manuel founded TDVision in the United States in 2003, providing a complete solution for full HD 3D to the domestic ecosystem in 2006, now ISO MVC standardized for Blu-ray 3D and internationally awarded with Lumiere 2013 for his contributions to the 3D industry. At TDVision, Manuel created the first generations of full HD head mounted monitors for virtual reality, stereoscopic HD cameras, encoders, decoders, computer generated virtual reality methods for video games and movies. Its technology is widely adopted in several militaries, medical and aerospace companies such as NASA and the Pentagon for training, simulation, tactical and remote control applications. In 2014, he created ImmersiON with the mission of providing users with the entire platform of virtual reality and augmented reality, taking advantage of his more than 10 years of experience in the development of 3D virtual reality technology and HMD (head-mounted monitors) in TDVision together with the AlterSpace Platform. Performed a Merger and Strategic Acquisition with VRelia, creating ImmersiON-VRelia, Inc (ImVR) accelerating the development of HMD and HUD with a broad field of vision and bringing AlterSpace for the democratization of virtual reality through the deployment and integration of content in Cloud. ImVR products have been awarded as Best of CES 2015, Top Ten products of CES 2016, best design of HMD by VRiPhone and recently PRODG1 was nominated as one of the 50 most innovative products in the whole industry.

Gutierrez Novelo also designed AILEENN, a neural network of artificial intelligence that consists of a powerful engine that emulates the way in which the human brain works creating abstract multidimensional synapses of any pattern with an object-oriented approach to inheritance analyzing with fuzzy logic to understand contexts, predict and predict results and the search for correlation and covariance patterns of any data set in a convolutional unsupervised self-learning network. Manuel is an investor and adviser to Grush, a company based in Mountain View. Grush created an intelligent toothbrush for children with gyroscopes, accelerometers and Bluetooth connectivity for the gamification of the tooth brushing process. Grush has been awarded by IBM, Pepsi and more recently was awarded as the winner of Intel America's Greatest Makers reality show sponsored by Intel. He is also the technology director of AlterTraining, a Detroit-based company with the mission of creating virtual environments for education and training in the aerospace, automotive and military industries. Recently, Manuel became CTO and partner of SeeVider, a SmartCity IoT company that uses AILEENN image processing and artificial intelligence as the core of the parking, security, marketing and surveillance platform.

Manuel also founded AngelInventum, a company with the mission to help inventors bring their ideas to the market as a profitable product, taking advantage of years of experience and knowledge to design the commercial strategy and accelerate the time of commercialization to maximize the return on investment. in an accelerated incubation process. He currently serves as Vice President of Strategy for the Industrial Cluster 4.0 where he participated as a mentor to more than 20 Mexican technology companies invited to participate in the CES 2018 Fair, was appointed mentor of the FirstGlobal team of Mexican Robotics and won the third place in engineering design at the level Global and recently appointed as a mentor to STRAP, a Mexican startup that won the third place in the Startup WorldCup, competing in Silicon Valley against more than 26 global startups. Manuel has a degree in Electronic Engineering with specialization in Digital Control and Digital Systems. He has more than 65 patents issued worldwide, and has been an active contributor to the standards community as an inventor, entrepreneur, and has been invited worldwide as a futurist speaker at MIT TechConference, MPEG, ITA3D, SMPTE, CDI, CampusParty , NEXT, TalentLand, El País Epicentro, on topics of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics, IoT, Innovation and the Social Impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 among others with the mission of improving education, transportation, innovation and the adoption of technology through disruptive technologies.